In the FAQs, I talk about the work that goes into each shot onsite as well as the hours spent perfecting an image. Now, I want to show you the transformation between an initial shot and a final photograph. Here are some before and after samples. The “before” is a single camera capture. The “after” is the final product my client received. Each image can include supplemental lighting, color correction, glare removal, retouching (which varies upon client requests), and/or the addition of people. Play with the sliding line to examine the pre and post production results. This work can be the difference between a good photo and a wow photo, a record keeping photo and an award-winning project photo. The investment in post-production is up to you, but the results are clear. And I think we all know the impact of project photography on your marketing and business development efforts. Think of me as a key part of your marketing department. I am your biggest fan. I get as excited as you do about your work winning awards and your portfolio winning you new clients.